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Dodoma Tanzania

Dodoma is the capital of Tanzania located at the centre of the Country. This town is small but rich in tourist attractions which reflect the culture and the nature. While in Dodoma you can participate in a day tour to the local villages located few kilometers from the town where you can you can experience the real African life and the culture. This tour will get you an opportunity to glimpse into the traditional mud built house of the Gogo tribe who are the dominant tribe of the region.


You can also enjoy a day tour arround the town of Dodoma which can be done on foot or by car. During this tour we will take you to the Tanzania parliament, the University of Dodoma, the museum, the Nyerere square and to the Mineral institute among others. If interested to visit the parliament on session you may just advice us in advance so that we make prior arrangement for that.


For those who prefer to spend some few days out of the Dodoma town there is a spectacular historical tour to the Ancient rock paintings in Kolo area in Kondoa Irangi district which is located about three hours drive from Dodoma to the northern direction along Dodoma Arusha road. A part from visiting the ancient rock painting we have also a broad choices of cultural tours to the nearby local villages from Dodoma town. These tours are of different range of time from a single day to various days.


Among the different tourist attractions in Dodoma, a mention must be made of the Kondoa Irangi, Katavi National Park and Mikumi National Park. The Katavi National Park, is a magnificent wildlife park that is filled with dense vegetation, streams and rivers too. Tourists flock to the precincts of the Katavi National Park, to get a glimpse of its exotic flora and fauna. It is advisable to saunter across the Park with a guide because they know their way around and will protect you from hazardous situations. Buffaloes, hippopotamuses, crocodiles, deer and elephants are the chief inhabitants of this Park.


Colleges in Dodoma town

A part from being the country head quarter Dodoma is also stands as the educational center of the country. This is due to the fact there are various colleges and university in this town. Among the colleges and university include:


Mineral Resources Institute

University of Dodoma (UDOM)

St. Johns University

Institute of Rural Development Planning (Chuo cha Mipango)

College of Business Education (CBE)


Services we offer in Dodoma

Car hires services in Dodoma



Hotels and Accommodation in Dodoma

New Dodoma Hotel

New Dodoma HotelNew Dodoma Hotel is now aged 107 years old having been first built by Germans in the year 1904 as a resting point for the Kaiser of German on his way to Ujiji during the inauguration of the Railway line from Dar es Salaam to Ujiji via Dodoma, but later the British colonies converted the Rest House to a Railway Hotel for the Tanzania Government to inherit after independence.



St. Gasper Hotel and Conference

Dodoma St Gasper HotelSt. Gaspar Hotel and Conference Centre is under the Society of Precious Blood, and we are the religious and social services provider hence treating our customers with respect, dignity, honesty and compassion is our culture.





Dear Mama Hotel

Dodoma Hotel and AccommodationA medium size small hotel located in area C Dodoma Tanzania