Camping safari in Tanzania National Parks

Camping Safari Tanzania

Camping safari is among the wildlife safari option which offers you a true experience of the African wilderness. After the excitement of game viewing all day, you return to your campsite where another adventure begins. It may be gazelles making their way to a favorite watering hole or curious baboons wanting to inspect your tent while all around you the sky is emblazoned with the brilliant colors that make East African sunsets famous. As night falls, the heavens come alive with millions of stars that seem so close; you could almost pluck them from the skies. While you drift off to sleep, you can hear lions roar and an impala calling for a mate as strange shadows fall across the canvas of your tent.


Budget Camping Safari

Budget camping safari is the ideal safari option for adventure travelers who enjoy get closer to nature than in Luxury camping and lodge safari. For every single departure of budget camping safaris guests depart with all the necessary camping gears/equipment, a driver guide and the cook. The driver guide is well knowledgeable in wildlife and other ears of interest of the country. He can make sure that all the clients for budget camping safaris acquire the wildlife experience which they were expected.
Upon the arrival in the campsite you may also participate in pitching up the tents and offloading the luggage from the vehicle and in loading them to the tents.  Since the accommodation is offered in dome tents on basic camping safaris we suppose to take the sleeping bags with mattress which laid on the ground sheet. All the tents are big enough for two people and have fixed with a mesh on the windows to keep off insects.


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