Cave Paintings Kondoa Irangi Site Tanzania

Cave paintings in Kondoa Irangi area in Tanzania is among the world most ancient examples of the human artistic expression. This site contains one of the world’s optimum collections of prehistoric rock art with an estimated 1600 distinct cave paintings in almost two hundred different sites. The Irangi Hills north of Kondoa is the most accessible site than all. Kolo Rock Ancient Paintings, located in the area between Singida and the Irangi Hills in the village called Kondoa Irangi Dodoma region.

The most recent date from just a century or two ago, but the oldest cave paintings in Kondoa Irangi are estimated to be between 19,000 and 30,000 years old.

The cave paintings show simplified human figures engaged in hunting, playing music instruments, crossing rivers and animals such as elephants, giraffe and antelopes. The symbolize hunter-gatherer art people who were living in this areas.

One of the key qualities of the Kondoa rock art sites is that they still play an active role in the rituals of local communities. The sites are used for instance for weather-divination, healing and initiation. It is the latest Tanzania’s World heritage site in 2006

 Cave paintings Site History and Management


Cave Paintings Kondoa

Cave paintings in the area was first reported in 1908 and a variety of excavations were carried out during the 20th century. The rock art area at Kondoa has never been comprehensively surveyed. The records from these past surveys and work are scattered over a variety of institutions in different countries. At present there is no integrated documentation system for the sites.

The management plan notes that there is a need for the Department of Antiquities to create a central database of all documentation.
The management of the property is create a careful path between supporting the living heritage values of the sites and supporting the physical preservation of the sites. The authority have now identified areas where trees can be grown for firewood.

Kondoa Irangi Cave Paintings / Rock Arts Tours 

Half day Rock Art Tour of Kondoa Irangi – US $ 110 Per Person

Arrive in the small town of Kondoa met with our staff then transfer to Kolo area for registration and tour briefing and after that we will drive for about 9 kilometers to the base of Mongomi hill which is the starting point for your rock paintings tour. The tour begins by trekking to site B2, B1 and B3 which are ful of ancient rock arts. Paintings here are drawn by red and orange color which depicts scenery of tribe life including hunting, ceremony and dancing. The paintings believed to be dated over 10000 years ago. The guides will briefly narrate about all the rock paintings in the sites.  

After exploring the sites we will transfer you back to Kondoa town for overstay or afternoon bus back to Dodoma.

End of the tour

Tour Cost

US $ 180 Solo Traveler

US $ 120 per person sharing

Tour Cost Includes:

Village development funds and site entrance fees

Transfers Kondoa –Kolo-Mongomi Hill

Guide fee

Hot lunch/ lunch box

Coordination fee

Forest fund

Tour Excludes:

Transport from Dodoma / Kondoa

Accommodation in Kondoa

Expenses of the personal nature

Tips for the guide

Full day Kondoa Irangi Rock Art Tour  – From US $ 150 pp

Arrive from Arusha or Dodoma met with our guide and transfer to the office for registration and tour briefing.

The tour begins by driving to Mongomi hill where you will leave the car and start the trek to site B1, B2 and B3. The paintings (rock arts) in these sites are said to be dated over 10,000 years and are depicting the scenery of tribe life including ceremony, dancing and hunting. Stop for few minutes to enjoy the picnic lunch and after that drive to Pahi site for further experience of the rock paintings. The paintings at this site are painted in black and white color. The arts seem to be the work an early cattle keeper’s and farmers. After spending sufficient time here you drive back to Kondoa for dinner and overnight or continue with the journey back to Dodoma…

Tour Cost

US $ 200 Solo Traveler

US $ 150 per person sharing

Tour Cost Includes:

Entrance fee and village development fund

Tour to the sites,

Coordination fee

Lunch and guide fee

Transport from Kondoa town / Sites

Tour not includes:

Transport from Dodoma / Arusha to Kondoa

Things of personal nature

Accommodations in Kondoa


Kondoa Cave Paintings

2 Days Kondoa Irangi Rock Paintings Tour

From US 200 per person

Tarangire & Kondoa Irangi

5 Days Tarangire Safari & Kondoa Irangi Tour

From US 800 per person

Kondoa Irangi Tour

4 Days Kondoa Irangi Tour from dar es salaam

From US 250 per person

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