2 Days Climbing Oldoinyo Lengai Mountain

Climbing Oldoinyo Lengai in the remote wilderness area of northern Tanzania is an adventure of a life time. The trekking is very challenging, steep not ideal for everyone but for fit people. At the beginning the trek is gentle and it start changing drastically into steepness as you move higher normally after the first 300 meters. The steepness and existence of the hot sun during the day result to a high temperature which causes climbing oldoinyo lengai to be challenging. Due to these facts we highly recommend to start the climb in the early morning hours at 01:00 am or 02:00 am so that you reach the summit before the sunrise when it is cool. The distance from the base to the point where you can see the volcano crater is 2 kilometers and the total time requires to climb Oldoinyo Lengai up and down is approximately 6 to 7 hours.

The total duration required for the entire tours is 3 days which combine oldoinyo lengai climb and tour to the nearby area of interest such as the Lake Natron. This lake is the main nesting ground for flamingo birds in the region.

Oldoinyo lengai is part of the volcanic system of the East African Rift Valley which produces natrocarbonatite lava. This mountain has been experiencing occasional volcanic eruptions which makes the locals who lives in the near neighborhood to call it the mountain of God. They actually name it the mountain of Gold “Oldoinyo Lengai” due to the presence of fire and ashes occur during the eruption.

Requirements for Climbing Oldoinyo Lengai

Oldoinyo Lengai Climbing gears: Warm sleeping bag (-10’C); Trekking boots (used and comfortable); a warm jacket; Thermo long underwear; Balaclava hat; several pairs of warm socks; windbreaker jacket; Rain gear, Getas, Light camera, Sunglasses and sun creams; Warm gloves, a walking stick and some medicines.

Medical Kit: We advise you to consult your doctor before coming to climb Oldoinyo lengai and furthermore to bring your own medical kit with all important medicines. You can include in the kit antibiotics, malaria tabs, sunburn cream, water purification tabs, Diamox, (Aspirins will do for mild headaches). For the case of Acute Mountain Sickness you shall have to climb down. Doctor before the climb.

Camping during Climbing Oldoinyo Lengai:

We use light tents for camping which is perched in the public camping sites supported with basic necessities only. Together with the tents we provide mattresses, chair, tables etc.

During this trip you will accompanied by your private cook who will be preparing fresh meals for you and deals with the camp chores. It is your obligation to inform us about your dietary requirements so that we organize your meals accordingly.

Climbing Oldoinyo Lengai Itinerary

Day 1: Arusha – Oldoinyo Lengai

At 08:00 am we shall pick you up from your hotel in Arusha town for hardly 3 hour drive via Engaruka ruins to Oldoinyo Lengai. Located in the Gregory Rift, south of Lake Natron Oldoinyo lengai is the only live volcano in the East African region which experiencing occasion volcanic eruptions. The shape of this mountain is almost perfect cone with crater at the top and steep slopes. As you arrive in the area you shall depart for a short tour to Lake Natron which is located few kilometers north east. The Lake Natron is one of the major breeding site for the flamingo in the area. In the evening you may also visit the maasai community for a cultural interaction and the nearby waterfalls for a swim

Day 2: Climb Oldoinyo Lengi Mountain – Arusha

Today at 01:00 am in the night you shall be transferred by vehicle from the camp to the base of the Mount Oldoinyo Lengai to start the climbing. The total climbing distance is from the base to the peak and the way back to the base is approximately 4 kilometers.  The climb is challenging and it requires a physically fit person to manage it. Arrive at the Peak just before sunrise after 5 to 6 hours of trek.

The oldoinyo lengai crater is quite unique with ashes on it as it goes down to the volcano vent. After spending sometimes at the summit taking pictures you will descend to the mountain base for transfer back to the camp. After a short rest and brunch in the camp you will depart back to Arusha arriving in the evening.

Solo traveler: US $ 860
2 people: US $ 675 per person
3 people: US $ 655 per person
4 people: US $ 615 per person
5 people: US $ 590 per person
6 people: US $ 550 per person

Climbing Includes

Trekking permit
Fees local communities on Lake Natron
Accommodation in Lengai Safari Lodge for one night
Rent Land Cruiser for two days
Professional driver services (English-speaking)
Guide service
Lunch box (is carried by you)
Drinking water (is carried by you)
Optional tour to the Ngara Sero waterfall.

Climbing Excludes

Accommodation in Ausha on the arrival and departure day
Flying doctors insurance
All expenses of personal nature
Tips for diver and cooker
Alcoholic drinks while in the Camp.
Medical insurance
Any other expenses of the personal nature


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