Dar es Salaam City Tour

Dar es Salaam city tour show you through the largest and the commercial city of Tanzania which is full of dynamic, colorful and diverse culture. This tour can be done a day before or after mikumi safari, Selous safari or safari holidays to any other parks in southern Tanzania area. Originally Dar es Salaam city was known as a small fishing village called Mzizima which later grow into bustling city and hub for East African business and trade. During the tour you will explore the interesting culture, history, food and the people among others.

Dar es Salaam City Tour Destinations

Kivukoni Fish Market

After picking you up from your hotel or the resident house in Dar es Salaam the tour will start by visiting Kivukoni Fish Market which is located near the harbor. The market is full of varieties of fish of different shapes and sizes. Every day the fish market is flooded by retail, wholesale, city dwellers, restaurateurs and people from different corner of the city coming to buy fishes of their preferences.

Dar es Salaam Botanical gardens

The Dar es Salaam City tour proceed to the stunning Botanical Gardens which were established several hundred years ago by Germans. Opposite the garden is Karimjee Hall and you’ll be able to see the fantastic architecture while your guide explains the history behind the building.

National Museum

As you proceed with the Dar es Salaam City tour the next destination is the National Museum. The National Museum features many historical treasures with a wide variety of exhibits including archaeological findings, rock paintings, ancient foot prints, the remains of the first humans and more.

Mwenge Carvers Market

The Mwenge Carvers Market is made up of small shops with stands displaying carvings of different kinds, traditional dresses, the Tinga Tinga paints and more. You’ll be able to browse the stalls, chat with the carvers and buy souvenirs if you wish.

Makumbusho Village

Visit the Makumbusho Village museum which shows into details the Tanzania Cultural heritages. In this museum you will get a brief summary of the whole Tanzanian culture and tradition through seeing their housing, shelters among others..

Kariakoo Market

Kariakoo is the busiest and most exciting market in Dar es Salaam so you’ll be able to enjoy an authentic Tanzanian shopping experience here.

Mnazi mmoja

Mnazi Mmoja is another exciting, vibrant place to visit with strong historical significance. You’ll be able to see the Uhuru Torch which was placed here in 1961 to celebrate Tanzania’s independence from Germany.

St. Joseph’s Cathedral to view point

You’ll visit Samora Avenue to see and learn about the historical Askari Monument. Then you’ll visit the beautiful old Azania Front Lutheran Church and take in the views of Dar Es Salaam harbor view from the roof.

In the late afternoon when the tour is over we’ll drive you back to your hotel. It’s been a busy day and you’ll have seen and learnt a lot about Dar Es Salaam.

Total Price

$165 Per Person (Including transport, entrance fees and city guide)

Please note all day trips are for a minimum of two people.