5 Days Safari in Nkhotakota and Kasungu

Embark on an Unforgettable 5-Day Safari in Nkhotakota and Kasungu: A Journey Through Malawi’s Hidden Gems

A 5-day safari in Nkhotakota and Kasungu is more than just a vacation; it’s an immersive experience into the heart of Malawi’s wilderness. From canoe safaris along the Bua River to walking safaris amidst the untamed beauty of Kasungu, each moment is an adventure that connects you with nature and the local culture. Malawi’s commitment to conservation and community involvement shines through in these destinations, making your safari not only a journey of discovery but also a contribution to the preservation of these wild spaces for future generations.

So, pack your bags, bring your sense of adventure, and get ready to explore the untamed wilderness of Nkhotakota and Kasungu. It’s an experience that promises to stay with you long after you’ve returned home.

Day 1: Arrival and Introduction to Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve

Your Nkhotakota and Kasungu adventure begins at the tranquil Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve, one of the oldest and largest reserves in Malawi. Upon arrival, you’ll be welcomed by the reserve’s lush vegetation, a testament to the successful reforestation and conservation efforts that have been underway. After settling into your eco-friendly lodge, you can spend the afternoon acquainting yourself with the local environment on a guided nature walk. Your guide will introduce you to the reserve’s diverse flora and fauna, setting the scene for the days ahead.

In the evening, gather around a campfire for an orientation session, where conservation experts share insights into Nkhotakota’s history and the pivotal role it plays in Malawi’s ecosystem. The soothing sounds of the African night will serenade you to sleep, promising an exciting beginning to your safari adventure.

Day 2: Exploring Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve

The second day of the Nkhotakota and Kasungu safari is dedicated to exploring the vast expanses of Nkhotakota. After an early morning wake-up call, set out on a sunrise game drive, a perfect time to witness the wildlife as they start their day. The reserve is home to elephants, buffalo, leopards, and more than 280 bird species, offering ample photographic opportunities and moments of awe.

In the afternoon, trade the vehicle for a canoe and glide along the Bua River. This unique perspective allows for close encounters with the aquatic life and birds that inhabit the riverbanks. The serene flow of the river contrasts the morning’s excitement, offering a peaceful end to a day full of discovery.

Day 3: Journey to Kasungu National Park

After an early breakfast, you’ll bid farewell to Nkhotakota and make your way to Kasungu National Park, located in the central region of Malawi. The journey itself is an adventure, with stunning landscapes and the chance to see rural Malawian life unfold as you pass through villages and towns. Upon arrival in Kasungu, check into your accommodation, which could range from comfortable lodges to eco-friendly campsites, before heading out for an evening game drive. Kasungu National Park, once the haunt of poachers, is now a conservation success story, with populations of elephants, leopards, and hyenas on the rise. The evening game drive offers the perfect introduction to the park’s diverse ecosystems and wildlife.

Day 4: Full Day Safari in Kasungu

Dedicate your fourth day to exploring the vastness of Kasungu National Park. Begin with a morning game drive, the ideal time to witness the park’s predators returning from their nocturnal hunts. After lunch at your lodge, venture out again in the afternoon for another game drive or, for a change of pace, a guided bush walk. Kasungu’s landscapes vary from dense forests to open grasslands, providing habitats for a wide array of species. Keep your eyes peeled for elephants, sable antelopes, and if you’re lucky, the elusive leopard. As the sun sets, enjoy a sundowner at one of the park’s scenic outlooks, a perfect end to a day of exploration.

Day 5: Departure and Reflections

Day 5: Departure and Reflections

On your final day, take the opportunity for one last game drive or bush walk in Kasungu before beginning your journey back. Reflecting on the past five days, you’ll realize that the safari in Nkhotakota and Kasungu has offered not just sightings of majestic wildlife and breathtaking landscapes, but also an insight into the rich cultural heritage of Malawi and the conservation efforts that are vital to preserving these treasures.

11 Day Malawi Safari Holiday

11 Day Malawi Safari Holiday

11 Day Malawi Safari Holiday

Embarking on an 11-Day Malawi Safari Holiday: A Journey Through the Warm Heart of Africa

Malawi, often described as the “Warm Heart of Africa,” is a hidden gem for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers. With its diverse landscapes, ranging from stunning plateaus and mountains to wildlife-rich parks and the crystal-clear waters of Lake Malawi, this country offers a unique safari experience. In this 11-day Malawi safari holiday, we’ll guide you on an unforgettable adventure through some of Malawi’s most incredible destinations: Chimwenya Game Park, Mount Mulanje, Zomba Plateau, Liwonde National Park, and Lake Malawi.


11 Day Malawi Safari Holiday Where to Stay?

In Malawi, there are a variety of lodges, camps, and hotels available to suit various budgets and preferences. For our 11-day Malawi Safari vacation, we have carefully selected the finest lodges and camps to ensure that you make the most of your trip. Each accommodation offers stunning designs and spectacular views of the surrounding natural landscapes, as well as top-notch amenities to ensure that you have a comfortable place to relax after a day full of adventure.

Choosen Accommodation

Chimwenya Game Park – Game Haven Lodge
Mulanje Mountain – Mulanje Mountain Hut
Zomba Plateau- Zomba Forest Lodge
Liwonde NP – Mvuu Lodge
Lake Malawi – Mumbo Island


What to do and See on Your Malawi Safari Holiday

Experience an 11-day safari adventure in Malawi, which includes explorations of Chimwenya Game Park, Mount Mulanje, Zomba Plateau, Liwonde National Park, and Lake Malawi. This trip provides opportunities to engage in various activities, such as enjoying the stunning scenery of tea plantations at Chimwenya, conquering the Sapitwa Peak, observing the Big Five at Liwonde, and unwinding on the pristine white sand beaches of Lake Malawi.

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Detail Malawi Safari Holiday Itinerary


Day 1-2: Arrival and Exploration of Chimwenya Game Park

Your Malawi safari holiday kicks off upon your arrival at Chileka International Airport, where the warm and friendly locals greet you. From the airport you will drive for a distance of about 20 km southward to Chimwenya game park which is the lesser known but pristine game park. This private reserve, located just outside the capital, is an excellent introduction to Malawi’s diverse wildlife.

Chimwenya’s lush savannahs and woodlands are teeming with antelopes, zebras, and a variety of bird species. Guided walking safaris and game drives allow you to witness these animals in their natural habitat. As dusk falls, enjoy a sundowner overlooking the serene landscape, the perfect end to your first day on safari.

Day 3-4: Conquering Mount Mulanje

Next on this Malawi Safari itinerary is Mount Mulanje, Malawi’s highest peak and a hiker’s paradise. The drive to the base of the mountain is scenic, offering glimpses of rural Malawian life. The climb can be challenging, but the routes cater to different fitness levels, ensuring everyone can enjoy the experience.

Trek through dense forests and past cascading waterfalls as you ascend. The views from the top are nothing short of breathtaking, with the rolling tea estates at the mountain’s foothills and the distant horizon. Camping overnight on the mountain provides a unique opportunity to stargaze in the African sky, a memorable highlight of your safari.

Day 5-6: Tranquility on Zomba Plateau

After descending Mount Mulanje, a short journey leads you to the historical Zomba Plateau. This is a place of unmatched tranquility, with its cool climate and serene environment that once made it a favorite retreat for British colonial administrators.

The plateau offers numerous trails that meander through forests of pine and cedar, alongside streams and around tranquil lakes. Horse riding is a popular activity here, allowing you to connect with nature at a leisurely pace. Be sure to visit the plateau’s viewpoints, such as Queen’s View and Emperor’s View, which offer panoramic vistas of the countryside below.

Day 7-8: Wildlife Encounters in Liwonde National Park

Liwonde National Park is arguably Malawi’s best-known wildlife haven, and for good reason. The park is home to large populations of elephants, hippos, and a variety of antelope species. It’s also a birdwatcher’s paradise, with over 400 species recorded within its boundaries.

Embark on game drives and boat safaris along the Shire River, the lifeblood of Liwonde. You’ll have the chance to spot crocodiles basking on the riverbanks and colorful fish eagles soaring overhead. The park’s recent reintroduction of lions and cheetahs has restored its status as a Big Five destination, making your safari experience even more thrilling.

Day 9-10: Leisure and Adventure at Lake Malawi

No Malawi safari is complete without a visit to the jewel in the country’s crown, Lake Malawi. This vast body of freshwater, part of the Great Rift Valley, is famous for its clear turquoise waters and abundant fish life. It’s the perfect spot to unwind after the excitement of the previous days.

Spend your time here snorkeling or diving among the hundreds of species of cichlid fish that call the lake home. Their vibrant colors and patterns are a visual feast. Alternatively, you can enjoy kayaking, sailing, or simply relaxing on the sandy beaches. The lake’s islands, like Likoma and Chizumulu, are worth exploring for their laid-back atmosphere and cultural experiences.

Day 11: Farewell to Malawi

As your 11-day Malawi safari holiday comes to a close, take a moment to reflect on the experiences that have filled your days. Malawi’s landscapes have provided a backdrop for adventure, its wildlife has inspired awe, and its people have welcomed you with open arms.

After a leisure breakfast, we will transfer you to Lilongwe International airport where you will board your international flight back home.

Malawi Safari Price

From $5,400 per person 

Safari Includes

Airport Transfers
Park entrance fees
Full board accommodation Whilst on Safari
Activities as specified on the Itinerary
Service of the professional driver guide
Pure drinking water during activities

Safari Excludes

Service of the flying doctor
Actvity not mentioned on the Itinerary
Pre and post accommodation in Blantyre & Lilongwe

3 Days Majete Safari Adventure

3 Days Majete Safari Adventure

3 Days Majete Safari Adventure

Majete Safari Tour

Embarking on a 3-day safari in Majete Wildlife Reserve promises to be an unforgettable experience. Located in Malawi, Majete is teeming with diverse wildlife, including elephants, rhinos, and lions. This well-preserved sanctuary provides the perfect background for safari adventures, offering up-close encounters with the animals in their natural habitat.

Over the course of the 3-day safari, visitors will have the opportunity to explore the vast landscape of Majete, spotting a wide array of species as they roam freely through the reserve. From guided game drives to leisurely nature walks, there are plenty of ways to witness the beauty and majesty of the reserve’s wildlife. As night falls, guests can enjoy the comforts of the nearby lodge, experiencing the tranquility of the African wilderness while reflecting on the day’s exciting adventures.

Aside from the stunning array of flora and fauna, Majete is also known for its conservation efforts, which have revitalized the once-threatened wildlife population and made the reserve an example of successful conservation. By partaking in a safari at Majete, visitors not only get the chance to witness incredible wildlife but also contribute to the ongoing preservation of this special place. With its breathtaking landscapes and incredible diversity of life, a 3-day safari in Majete offers the perfect opportunity to immerse oneself in the wonders of the natural world. 

Majete Safari Price

Solo Traveler: US $ 1000 Or MK 1,900,000
2 – 3 Travelers: US $ 750 OR MK 1,425,000 per person
4 – 5 Travelers: US $ 710 OR MK 1,349,000 per person
6 + Travelers: US $ 685 OR MK 1,301,500 per person

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Detail Majete Safari Itinerary


Day 1: Arrival and First Impressions

Welcome to the Wild of Majete

Your Majete safari begins with a scenic drive from Blantyre, the commercial capital of Malawi. As you navigate the undulating roads, the bustling city life fades away, replaced by the tranquil charm of rural landscapes. Upon arriving at Majete Wildlife Reserve, a sense of excitement fills the air. Ypu will greeted by the warm smiles of the staff, who will be your guardians through this wild terrain.

After settling into your accommodation — a choice of luxurious lodges, tented camps, or rustic chalets — you gather for a sumptuous lunch featuring local and international flavors. As we dine, your guide briefs you on the thrilling activities ahead, and the reserve’s remarkable conservation success story.

Majete Safari Into the Bush

With the African sun casting long shadows, you embark on your first game drive of the Majete safari. The open-top vehicle offers unobstructed views and the thrill of being immersed in nature. Majete is a sanctuary for a diverse array of wildlife, and your guide will help you spot the animals  in their natural habitat.

As the drive continues, you might encounter varied species of animals such as impalas and  warthogst. If lucky you might spot pride of lions lazing under the trees or stalking their prey.

Starlit Serenity

As dusk falls, we return to camp, and the night comes alive with the sounds of the African bush. A hearty dinner is served under a canopy of stars, and stories are shared around a crackling campfire. It’s the perfect end to an exhilarating day, and as you retire to your beds, the distant roar of a lion lulls you to sleep.

Day 2: Full Day Majete Safari

Dawn Chorus and Morning Game Drive

The day begins at first light with a chorus of bird calls. A steaming cup of coffee warms your hands as you set out on a morning game drive. The cool air of dawn is the best time to see wildlife as they are most active. While on game drive you might catch a glimpse of the elusive leopard or perhaps the rare sable antelope.

Your knowledgeable guide emphasizes the importance of preservation and how each species plays a vital role in the ecosystem. We learn about the reserve’s efforts in anti-poaching and community engagement — essential components of Majete’s revival.

Riverside Wonders and Walking Safaris

After breakfast, you will venture out for a guided walking safari. Walking in the bush offers a different perspective; you become part of the landscape, treading softly, attuned to every rustle and call. Your guide points out animal tracks, medicinal plants, and the little five — a delightful contrast to the big game you’ve been admiring from the vehicle.

By midday, you’re at the Shire River, a lifeblood for the reserve’s inhabitants. Crocodiles bask on the banks, and hippos snort in the waters. Lunch is served in a shaded spot with a view of the river, a tranquil pause in your day of adventure.

Sundowner Bliss

The evening game drive in Majete safari is a ritual. As the heat of the day dissipates, you set out with binoculars and cameras ready. The changing light casts a golden hue over the landscape, and the wildlife stirs once more. It’s a chance to see nocturnal creatures begin their nightly routines.

You will pause on a hilltop, drinks in hand, to witness the majesty of an African sunset. The sky blazes with oranges and purples, a spectacle that no words can do justice. It’s a moment of reflection, of connection with the world around you.

Day 3: Departure and Last Memories

Final Encounters

The last day of your safari in Majete begins with a mix of anticipation and the bittersweet feeling of an impending farewell. We go out for one last game drive, each of us silently hoping for a memorable encounter to cap off our Majete safari. Maybe it’s the sight of a majestic kudu or the playful antics of a baboon troop that will stick with you.

Community Connections

After returning to camp and enjoying breakfast, you will visit a nearby community project supported by the reserve. Majete’s success is not only measured in animal numbers but also in its positive impact on local communities. Meet the people whose lives have been changed by the reserve — from employment opportunities to sustainable development initiatives. It’s a poignant reminder that conservation is as much about people as it is about wildlife.

The Journey Home

After spend sometimes with the locals you will return to Lodge for hot lunch and after that pack your luggage for the journey back to Blantyre

Safari Includes

Return Air transfer Blantyre to Majete 
Park entrance fee
Full board accommodation in Majete
Day game drives and walking safari,
Pure drinking water during activities & transfers

Safari Excludes

Malawi Visa,
Drinks and beverages at the Lodge

Accommodation in Lilongwe
Night game drives and cultural tour (Extra charge)
Tips for the driver guide and lodge staff.

3 Day Safari in Nyika National Park

3 Day Safari in Nyika National Park

3 Day Safari in Nyika National Park

Safari Nyika National Park

Unforgettable Three-Day Safari in Nyika National Park: An Untamed Wilderness Awaits

Nyika National Park in Malawi is a stunning safari destination that offers breathtaking landscapes, diverse wildlife and an immersive nature experience. With its rolling hills, open grasslands, dense forests and crystal-clear rivers, Nyika National Park is a paradise for nature enthusiasts and wildlife lovers.

During a 3-day safari in Nyika National Park, visitors can enjoy game drives to spot a wide variety of wildlife, including elephants, zebra, antelope, leopard, hyena and an abundance of bird species. The park is also known for its unique and beautiful flora, with an array of colorful wildflowers, orchids and rare plant species.

In addition to game drives, visitors can engage in activities such as hiking, mountain biking and birdwatching to truly appreciate the park’s natural beauty. Delightful stays at luxury safari lodges and camps within the park make for an all-around memorable safari experience, with the opportunity to unwind in comfort after a day of adventure.

Overall, a 3-day safari in Nyika National Park promises an extraordinary wildlife adventure, spectacular scenery and an opportunity to immerse oneself in the unspoiled wilderness of this enchanting park.


Itinerary for Safari in Nyika National Park 


Day 1: Fly Lilongwe To Nyika National Park

Your adventure safari in Nyika national park begins the moment you land at the nearest airstrip, where the vastness of Nyika greets you with open arms. The cool, crisp air of the highlands fills your lungs as you set out on the short journey to your chosen safari lodge or campsite. Accommodations within Nyika are designed to blend seamlessly with the environment, providing comfort without detracting from the rawness of the wilderness.

After you’ve settled in and taken a moment to absorb the stunning vistas, it’s time for your first foray into the park. An afternoon game drive is the perfect introduction to Nyika’s wildlife. As you traverse the undulating hills in an open safari vehicle, keep your eyes peeled for herds of roan antelope, eland, and zebra grazing on the montane grasslands. It’s not uncommon to spot bushbuck and warthogs as well, and if you’re lucky, you may even catch a glimpse of a spotted hyena or side-striped jackal.

As the sun dips low in the sky, signaling the end of your first day, you’ll return to your lodge for a hearty meal. The sounds of the African night provide the perfect backdrop for an evening under the stars, exchanging stories with fellow travelers or simply soaking in the serenity of your surroundings.

Day 2: Exploring the Heart of Nyika

The second day your safari in Nyika national park begins at dawn, a magical time in the park when the first light of day paints the landscape in hues of gold and amber. An early morning game drive maximizes your chances of seeing the park’s nocturnal and crepuscular species before they retire for the day. Watch as the mist lifts to reveal the true extent of Nyika’s sprawling wilderness.

For a more intimate experience with the land, consider a guided hike. The park’s network of trails leads you through a range of ecosystems, from grassy plains to lush forests. Walking safaris provide an opportunity to appreciate the smaller details of the bush—the tracks of a leopard, the chattering of a mountain cisticola, or the intricate patterns on a butterfly’s wings.

In the afternoon, take a break from the wildlife to visit a local village at the edge of the park. Here, you can interact with the warm-hearted people of Malawi and learn about their traditions and way of life. Purchasing local handicrafts not only provides you with unique souvenirs but also supports the community’s economy.

After dinner, you might embark on a night drive. This thrilling adventure allows you to witness the park’s nocturnal creatures in action. Armed with a spotlight and the keen eyes of your guide, look out for the elusive leopard, the bizarre-looking aardvark, and the graceful serval. The night sky in Nyika is a marvel in itself, with the Milky Way stretching across the firmament, so vivid it feels like you could reach out and touch it.

Day 3: Fly Nyika National Park to Lilongwe

On your final day of Nyika Safari, you may choose to dedicate your time to tracking lions or searching for the elusive leopard. Though these sightings are not guaranteed, the pursuit is an adventure in itself. With an experienced guide, you can learn to read the signs of the bush and understand the behavior of these majestic predators.

Today lunch will take the picnic lunch at one of the park’s scenic viewpoints. Chelinda Falls or Lake Kaulime are great options, offering not just delicious food but also panoramic views that are the perfect accompaniment to your meal. Savor the flavors of African cuisine as you reflect on the experiences of the past days.

As afternoon Lunch you will be transferred to the airstrip for the light flight back to Lilongwe.

End of the 3 days Safari in Nyika National Park

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Safari Includes

Return Air Ticket from Lilongwe to Nyika 
Park entrance fee
Full board accommodation at Chelinda Lodge or Camp
Day game drives and walking safari,
Pure drinking water during activities & transfers

Safari Excludes

Malawi Visa,
Drinks and beverages at the Lodge

Accommodation in Lilongwe
Night game drives and cultural tour (Extra charge)
Tips for the driver guide and lodge staff.

2 Days Safari Liwonde National Park

2 Days Safari Liwonde National Park

2 Days Safari Liwonde National Park

Liwonde Safari Adventure

Are you looking for a weekend gateway while in Malawi? A 2 day safari to Liwonde national park offered by Us is the right answer for you.

The 2-day safari in Liwonde National Park offers an incredible opportunity to travelers, experts and the locals to experience the natural beauty and wildlife of Malawi in a short time. It is indeed an ideal option for both people from Lilongwe the capital city and Blantyre the commercial city of Malawi. The 2 day Liwonde safari departs at 06:00 am from either of the two cities and it is available all year round.

Liwonde National Park – Where it is located

The 2 day Liwonde safari is offered in Liwonde national park which is located at the southern end of Lake Malawi which is about 4 to 5 driving hours from Lilongwe. The park is known for its diverse animal population, including elephants, hippos, and crocodiles, as well as a wide variety of bird species. The park also features picturesque landscapes, with grasslands, marshes, and the beautiful Shire River running through it.

What To Do in 2 days Liwonde Safari

During the Liwonde safari, visitors have the chance to go on game drives and boat safaris, providing ample opportunities to spot the park’s wildlife in their natural habitat. With experienced guides leading the way, visitors can learn about the animals and their behavior, all while taking in the stunning scenery. The park also offers opportunities for photography and bird watching, waking it an ideal destination for nature enthusiasts. 

Where to Stay During Liwonde Safari

In addition to the wildlife experiences, the 2-day safari in Liwonde National Park stay in Kutchire Lodge which provides comfortable accommodations and delicious meals, allowing visitors to fully immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the area. However there are other lodges available in Liwonde park which are of the same range to Kutchire and others more luxury. If you opt for luxury accommodation, please let us know so that we customize the tour accordingly to make your safari in Liwonde National Park a memorable and enriching experience.

Tour Price

Solo traveler: US $ 500

2  people: US $ 360 per person

3  people: US $ 330 per person

4 – 5 people: US $ 300 per person

6 + people: US $ 285 per person

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2 Days Safari in Liwonde National Park Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival and the First Encounter

Morning – Safari in Liwonde National Park

The Safari in Liwonde National Park begins by departing from the nearby city of Blantyre or capital Lilongwe. The drive to the park is a scenic introduction to Malawi’s diverse landscapes. The excitement builds as we leave the bustle of Malawian life behind and draw closer to the sanctuary of wild Africa.

Upon arrival at Kutchire lodge which is located within the park, the transformation is palpable. The air is fresher, the sounds more natural, and the feeling of anticipation is undeniable. Safari-goers are greeted by the friendly lodge staff and, after a swift check-in process, you will  whisked away to your room which overlooking the tributary of Shire River. The lodge is well designed to blend seamlessly into the surrounding environment and fixed with all necessary amenities.


Afternoon – The River Safari in Liwonde National Park

After settling in and enjoying a light lunch, it’s time for the first foray of the 2 day liwonde safari into the wilderness. One of Liwonde’s unique features is the Shire River, a life-giving artery that flows along the park’s western boundary. A river safari in Liwonde national park offers a different perspective on the wildlife and is an absolute must-do.

As you glide along the calm waters, the riverbanks come alive. Hippos submerge with a splash, only to resurface with a telltale yawn, showcasing their cavernous mouths. Crocodiles bask in the sun, their prehistoric gaze surveying their domain. The water is also a haven for birdlife – African fish eagles soar above, while colorful kingfishers dart from branch to branch.

The serenity of the river is a stark contrast to the wild encounters it presents. Each twist and turn bring a new surprise, from elephants bathing in the shallows to a herd of waterbucks grazing peacefully. As the sun begins to dip towards the horizon, the sky turns a brilliant orange, casting a warm glow over the entire scene. It’s the perfect end to the first half of your 2 day Liwonde safari adventure.


Evening – The Night Game Drive (done on special request)

As darkness falls, the park transforms once again. Nighttime in Liwonde is a different world altogether, and a night game drive is an opportunity to see the nocturnal side of the bush come to life. Equipped with spotlights, we set out into the African night.

The sounds are more intense in the dark, from the chirping of crickets to the distant roar of a lion. Your guide will skillfully navigate the trails as you seek out the elusive creatures of the night. 

After an evening filled with excitement and discovery, your will retire to the lodge while the day’s sights and sounds still vivid in your minds, as you drift off to sleep under the star-studded African sky.

Day 2: Game Drive & Departure

This is the final final day of your 2 day safari in Liwonde national park and it the last chance witness the diversity of the park. Embark on a sunrise game drive on a 4WD open sided safari vehicle which will offer a panoramic view of the park. The early hours the temperature is low and most predators such as lions, leopards, cheetah and hyena are still active so if lucky you can spot some of them on a hunt. Your driver guide will take you through various areas of the park include the vast open plains and mopane woodlands of Liwonde. After 3 hours of exploring the park you will return to the Lodge for breakfast and depart for the journey back to Blantyre or Lilongwe.

End of the 2 day Safari in Liwonde National Park

Safari in liwonde National Park Cost Includes

Return Transfer from Lilongwe to Liwonde
Park entrance fee
Game drives, boat safari and walking safari
Full board accommodation in Liwonde
Service of the professional guide
Rangers fees

Safari Excludes

International Flight
Pre & Post accommodation in Lilongwe
Night game drive (Extra charges applied)
Any expenses of the personal nature
Drinks and beverages
Flying Doctor services

Day Safari in Kasungu National Park

Day Safari in Kasungu National Park

Day Safari in Kasungu National Park

Day Safari Kasungu National Park

If you have limited time and are looking for an adventure in the heart of Africa, a day safari in Kasungu National Park is the perfect choice. The Kasungu national park day safari is Ideal for people based in Lilongwe and the small town of Kasungu. Located in Malawi, this national park is home to a diverse range of wildlife, including elephants, antelopes, and zebras. The park is also known for its varied landscape, from grassy plains to woodlands and rugged hills, providing the perfect backdrop for an exciting safari experience.

During the day safari in Kasungu national park, you will have the opportunity to explore the park with an experienced guide who will help you spot the incredible wildlife that calls Kasungu National Park home. You will have the chance to see animals in their natural habitat and observe their behaviour, making for a truly memorable experience. The park is also a haven for birdwatchers, with over 400 bird species to admire.

Whether you are a nature enthusiast, wildlife lover, or simply looking for a unique and thrilling experience, a day safari at Kasungu National Park is sure to exceed your expectations and create lasting memories.

The Kasungu national park day safari starts and ends up in Lilongwe. 

Kasungu Day Safari Cost

US $350.00 for 1 person
US $250.00 per person 2, 3 people
US $200.00 per person 4 or more people.

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Itinerary for Day Safari in Kasungu

Your day safari to Kasungu national park starts early in the morning at around 06:00 am by departing Lilongwe to Kasungu the journey of about 2 hours’ drive. Along the way you will observe the stunning landscapes of the central Malawi region and the local villages. After arriving at the park, you will board into a 4WD open safari vehicle for game drive.

Guided by experienced and knowledgeable guide you will drive through various areas of the park including the Lifupa Dam which is the main highlight of the Kasungu national park. This water hole is a magnet for wildlife, especially during the drier seasons. Here you can spot crocodiles bask on the banks, hippos grunt and splash in the water and diverse array of birds fish for their supper. Your guide will also help to spot elephants, buffaloes and predators such as lions, leopard and hyenas.

In the mid-day you will stop in one of the picnic site for lunch or drive in the hotel for hot lunch. At 16:00 pm you will leave the park back to Lilongwe.

End of the day safari in Kasungu national park


Safari Includes

Return Transfer from Lilongwe to Kasungu
Park entrance fee
Specified game viewing activities
Picnic lunch or Hot lunch
Service of the professional guide
Pure drinking water

Safari Excludes

International Flight
Pre & Post accommodation in Lilongwe
Any expenses of the personal nature
Drinks and beverages in the hotel
Flying Doctor services