Kilombero Game Controlled Area

Kilombero Game Controlled Area

Kilombero Game Controlled Area is located within the beautiful Kilombero valley. The Kilombero game controlled area is located in Ifakara District Morogoro west of Selous Game Reserve. The Kilombero covers the area of approximately 140 km and 40 km wide.
Consisting of Seasonal flood plain, Miombo woodland and the green forest the Kilombero Game Controlled Area is partly dominated by the swamp and Kilombero River which forms part of Africa’s largest river basin joining the Great Ruaha, Rufiji and Luwegu rivers.


Kilombero Game Controlled Area Animals

Kilombero Game Reserve has a large population of buffalo, Elephant, Zebra and endemic species of crodiles called Crocodylus and the colobus monkey. It is also the place on the planet with the largest population of Puku antelope where about 76% are found here.
Kilombero Game Controlled Area is also a paradise for bird lovers as it contains a remarkable numbers of bird species and plant ecology. A large number of water bird can be found in and the forest bird in Magombero Forest. Some species of bird in the area include Rufous winged sunbird, Kilombero weaver, Melodious cisticola, Kilombero cisticola, Iringa akalat, dappled throated mountain robin and Udzungwa forest partridge.
Kilombero valley is amongst the largest seasonal wetland in Tanzania and East Africa Region and it is the main factor for Selous – Kilombero wildlife Migration, in which the population of crocodile and hippo in Kilombero links with that of Selous Game Reserve


When to visit:
Best time to visit Kilombero Game Controlled Area and the valley is July, August, September, November, December and January. This area is inaccessible during the rainy season which starts from March – June.


Getting There:
The Kilombero Game Controlled area is accessed by road from the Udzungwa Mountains National Park (1hr to Ifakara, then 1.5hrs to Mikeregembe by car via Ifakara. The trip to Kilombero works well when combined with Selous and Udzungwa then a stop in Mikumi on the return to Dar.