Rwanda Safari HolidaysRwanda Safari holidays consist of tour to the country three national parks, a thriving capital city, spectacular mountain scenery and some surprisingly diverse wildlife. The Rwanda Safari holidays can be done in combination with wildlife safari or beach holiday in Tanzania.




Destinations For Rwanda Safari Holidays

Rwanda Safari holiday destinations include, Volcanoes National Park in the north-west part of the country. The volcanoes National Park is the most famous of all Rwanda’s parks and the home to the mountain gorillas. This parks receives many visitors than any park in Rwanda. In the Eastern and southern of the country is the Akagera National Park and Nyungwe Forest National Park.

Akagera national park is the only safari destination in Rwanda as it offers good wildlife viewing opportunities. The park scenery is awesome and enough for no words to describe. Nyungwe national park comprised of dense rainforest with interesting hiking trails, bird watching and primate spotting. All Rwanda safari holiday destinations are easily accessible by road all the year round and be combined together with Lake Kivu and Kigali City to form a single circuit.


Mountain Gorilla Tracking in Rwanda

Tracking mountain gorillas in Rwanda is an extreme wildlife experience. Get closer to several small families groups of gorillas is a life time experience. Currently the existing population of the Mountain gorilla in Rwanda is estimated to be 880 compared to 250 in 1960s. Gorilla lives in the ecosystem which comprises three countries Rwanda, Uganda and DRC but half of the gorilla population are in Rwanda. Due to this reason Rwanda is regarded as probably the best destination for a gorilla tracking safari.


Primate holidays in Rwanda

Apart from the Mountain gorillas Rwanda is offering primate tracking opportunities. Nyungwe Forest National Park is right place to visit for primates tracking. The park offer habitats to thirteen different primate species, among them chimpanzees and Rwenzori colobus. Colobus monkey can be in large troops of several hundred.


Rwanda Safari holidays – Time to Go
Rwanda Safari Holidays can be done all year round but the best time is during dry season June to September. For the best gorilla tracking time to visit should be July to September and December to February.
To find out more see Rwanda’s weather and climate information.


Available Safari Holidays For Rwanda

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