Selous Game Reserve Tanzania


Selous Game ReserveSelous game reserve is the nature reserve of superlative as well as being both oldest and largest game reserve in Africa is the world of natural beauty and exotic wildlife. The remaining of the steam engine kept at the park headquarter remind us of the by gone age when Tanzania was under the colony of Germany.

The huge Selous game reserve was founded by the countries former Germany colonial rulers. Approaching from the south East entrance to the park by waving Mtemere gate strict security is vital here.

Close to Mtemere gate is a tiny runway serve small air craft landing here each day. Newly arrived passengers’ transfers to a jeep and then travel to the wild regions of the Selous natural reserve which mark the beginning of their unforgettable safari.


Selous Game Reserve Topography

Much of the Selous Game Reserve is crossed by the Rufiji River and its tributaries. Most campsites are built along the banks of the mighty Rufiji Rivers to offer magnificent views of the park landscapes and the wildlife.

Although this region has a relatively small amount of rainfall each year but the Rufiji River contain more water than any other rivers in East Africa. The river is important for the landscapes of the Selous game reserves as it provides water for the plant and wildlife. Rufiji is the heart of this unique natural habitat.

First day in the Selous game reserve comes to a relaxing and atmosphere conclusion. The setting sun create impressive colours in the sky and nature vanishes into the dark of night.


Game Viewing in the Selous

The safari tours by jeep that travel across the Selous started in the early hours of the morning. After a short drive you will encounter some of the Africa fascinating wildlife by meeting with a number of giraffe as tall as trees staring at you.

The adult giraffe can reach up to an approximately height of about five and half meters and they are so ubiquitous in the Selous game reserve than anywhere else in Tanzania and the East African region.

There are also many African buffalos, the Rufiji River and the local terrain supply them with the good supply of drinking water and food. One of the most remarkable feature of the Selous game reserve is the amazing variety of the fauna and flora.

The vegetation on the banks of the Rufiji and its many tributaries contain a huge variety of plant life. Around three quarter of the Selous is covered by dense miombo forest that have adapted to this region long dry period.

Not all of the 52,000 km square of the Selous is having to the public hunting is permitted to some areas of the Selous game reserve is it restricted controlled.

Selous Safaris are done in the hunting free areas north of great Ruaha and Rufiji River. These two rivers offers refugees to the most successful river hunters the “Crocodile” which are often found in large number in various parts of the rivers. Baboons are obviously observed drinking un-worryingly of the crocodiles since they good runners and they knows how to escapes crocodiles successfully.  The waters and swamps lands of the northern Selous game reserves are home to large number of hippopotamus. On the top of the nearby trees you may spot vultures waiting patiently for another chance to feed on the carcass.

The vastness of the Selous game reserves is due to the fact that natural terrain made difficult for men to settle here. In addition to the wildlife the local of plants are also more fascinating here is large variety of vegetation around the quarter of the reserve is covered by savannah.

Our special equipped 4WD vehicle are used to take you across the savannah, almost all of these Selous game reserve can’t offer various tours. Despites its size and beautiful landscapes compared to many other African nature parks Selous is little known on the tourist trails.

Because this nature reserve it is extremely remote and difficult to reach, those who are come here are able to admire its wildlife in a most natural way.


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