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Tanzania Safaris & Tours: Tanzania is the land of an amazing natural beauty and rich culture. The country has diverse wildlife habitats, culture and activities which travelers may ought to see. If you choose Tanzania safari to visit parks like the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, Tarangire and Lake Manyara or explore the remote southern Tanzania Safari parks such as ruaha, the udzungwa Mountains and we will make sure you have a lifetime memory safari experience. For mountaineers Tanzania Safaris offer brilliant hiking and trekking experiences to the world tallest free standing mountain the Kilimanjaro, mount Meru and the live volcano of the Oldoinyo lengai.

In addition to that Tanzania safaris offer a chance for travelers to experience the breathtaking phenomena of the annual wildebeest migration. This is the existing largest migration of mammals on the earth which take place in Serengeti and the northern part of the Ngorongoro Conservation area. Travelers coming for Tanzania Safaris will see the herds of over 1.5 million wildebeest, 500 k Zebras and several species of antelope. The movements of these animals are mainly triggered by the search for green pasture and fresh water. The country coast strip and the offshore Islands of Zanzibar and Mafia offer unique beach holidays experiences with a variety of water sports available. Vi

Wilds of Africa offers a range of affordable ultimate Tanzania Safaris and luxury Tanzania safaris of all styles from adventure game viewing in Ngorongoro crater, Serengeti, Selous and other prime Tanzania national parks to Island Getaways to Zanzibar, and Kilimanjaro Treks.

Tanzania Safari Packages

2 Days Safari in Mkomazi National Park

From $ 450 pp sharing

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2 Days Kondoa Irangi Rock Painting Tour

From $ 200 ppp sharing

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2 Days Budget Safari Katavi National Park

From $ 470 pp sharing

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2 Days Saadani National Park safari

From $ 460 pp sharing

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2 Days Tanzania Camping Safari in Mikumi

From $ 420 pp sharing

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2 Days Budget Safari Tarangire & Ngorongoro

From $ 670 pp sharing

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2 Days Climbing Oldoinyo Lengai Mountain

From $ 675 pp sharing

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2 Days Tanzania Boat Safari in Saadani

From $ 400 pp sharing

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Northern Tanzania Safari Destinations

All parks in northern Tanzania Safari circuit are located within an accessible distance from each other which enable travelers to visit almost the entire circuit in a single trip which takes less than two weeks. Some parks are also share the same ecosystem like  Lake Manyara and Tarangire. At different season of the year animals migrate between the two park search for green and pasture and water. Tarangire is the best spot for night drives in the northern Tanzania safari circuit. The park  also offers an incredible game viewing experience with its huge number of elephants. In the north west of Lake Manyara about 75 km drive located the Ngorongoro crater which is home to a huge number of the big 5. The Ngorongoro conservation area is also popular for its multiple land use between the wildlife and the Maasai people. On your trip to Tanzania northern circuit you can also enjoy the colorful culture of the maasai people or visit the only remaining hunters and gatherer tribe in East Africa region the Hadzabe.

The Serengeti National Park which shares its ecosystem with the Ngorongoro Conservation area to the south and to the north with Maasai Mara is the home to largest number predators on Earth. The Great wildebeest Migration widely observed in Serengeti National park where this huge number of mammals wonders for over 9 months each year.  To explore this vast savannah land full of adventures and wildlife one can spend three days but if have limited time 2 days can also be enough.

For Mountaineer the northern Tanzania safari offers various mountains climbing options. If you want  to climb the highest peak on the continent the Mount Kilimanjaro or the second tallest mountain in the country  The Mount. Meru you are welcome. The most popular and scenery trail to the summit of Kilimanjaro is the Machame route. The number of days require to climb through this route is 7 days. There are other 5 routes established to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Serengeti Safari Tanzania

Serengeti Safaris

Ngorongoro Crater Safari

Ngorongoro Crater Safaris

Tanzania Safaris Tarangire

Tarangire Safaris

Tree Climbing Lions

Lake Manyara Safaris

Mt Kilimanjaro Climbing

Kilimanjaro Climbing Safaris

Arusha Park Safaris

Arusha National Park Safaris

Mkomazi National Park

Mkomazi Safaris

oldoinyo Lengai Safaris

Oldoinyo Lengai Safaris

Southern Tanzania Safaris Destination

The southern Tanzania safari circuit lies across the most remote southern part of the country. Parks in the south are so large with huge numbers of animals which some crossover the eastern and southern Africa Species. When visiting Tanzania southern parks like Selous and Ruaha you can easily see plenty of predators such as lions, hyenas, leopards and the rare African wild dogs.

Game viewing experience in Southern Tanzania safari parks is quite exclusive as the parks are uncongested with tourist like northern park. During game drive you can just find yourself with other few vehicles and tourists spotting the animals. Due to this fact we recommend these Tanzania safari destinations as the best spot for visitors to experience the enormity of the African wilds.

Tour programs are normally made up of either three or four days for both Selous and Ruaha national parks. For travelers with sufficient time and budget they can combine Selous, Mikumi and udzungwa to experience diverse landscapes and wildlife.

Ruaha National Park

Ruaha Safaris

Mikumi Safari Tanzania

Mikumi Safaris

Udzungwa Mountains Trekking

Udzungwa Mountains Safaris

Selous Wild Dogs

Selous Safaris

Ruaha National Park

Saadani Safaris

Western Tanzania Safari Destinations

Western Tanzania safari circuit stretches along the shore of Lake Tanganyika in the western border of Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of Congo DRC. The remoteness and diverse natural landscapes of the area provide a range of unique wildlife safari experience which cannot obtain somewhere else in the country. Wildlife safaris, chimpanzee trekking, spot fishing and beach holidays can be done in this Tanzania safari destination.

The parks in western Tanzania safari circuit include Katavi further to the south, Mahale Mountains, and Gombe Stream along the shore of Lake Tanganyika. Furthermore there are Rubondo and Saanane Islands in Lake Victoria. The Mahale Mountains and Gombe streams national parks offer an authentic chimpanzee trekking experience in the region of East Africa. In here you will learn better of the wild chimpanzees and their social life.

Accessing the parks in western Tanzania safari destination is difficult and expensive particularly for Mahale and Katavi where you have to use a shared chartered flight. There is no also wide choice of accommodation since there are just few lodges in these parks. Due to this fact this safari destination is not the best choice for budget travelers except for Gombe and Rubondo Isalnd.

Katavi Park Giraffes

Katavi Safaris

Mahale Mountains Chimpanzee

Mahale Mountains Safaris

Gombe stream chimpanzees

Gombe Streams Safari

Rubondo Island Elephants

Rubondo Island Safaris

Best Time For Tanzania Safaris

The best time to go for Tanzania safari is during the Dry season, from late June to October, when wildlife viewing is usually at its best. The wildebeest migration in the Serengeti is from November to August and the calving is from January to February in the southern plains while from March to June it moves to central plains. The western and southern circuits are worth visited in the Dry season (June to October). However the most parks in northern Tanzania safari circuit are accessible year-round.

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