3 Day Liwonde Safari

Liwonde Safari Adventure

Experience the Magic of Malawi: A 3-Day Liwonde Safari Adventure

Liwonde National Park in Malawi is a must-visit destination for wildlife enthusiasts. The park is home to a diverse array of animals, including elephants, hippos, crocodiles, and a variety of bird species. A 3-day Liwonde safari offer visitors the chance to explore the park and experience its natural beauty and wildlife up close. The tour is ideal for both people in Lilongwe and Blantyre cities and it can a private safari or group tour and it departs daily. Send us your request about the Liwonde safari and we will promptly respond back to you with assistance. 

p3 Days Liwonde Safari – Activities to do  

Liwonde safari offer diverse range of game viewing activities which enable visitors to get closer to nature and experience the African safari much better than in many other reserves. Visitors get the chance to embark on boat ride along Shire River which flows in western boundary of the park. The boat safari is main highlight of the Liwonde safari as it offers visitors a great opportunity to observe animals such as hippos, crocodiles and riverine birds in the natural habitat. The boat ride in Liwonde national can either be done in the afternoon or morning and a single complete ride take about 3 hours.  

In addition to boat safari, the 3 days Liwonde safari offers visitor the chance participate on either morning or evening game drive which is done on an open sided 4WD safari vehicles.  The game drive in Liwonde national park is an awesome experience. With the help of an experienced guides visitors will be able to point out various species of animals. The guide will also provide insightful information about the park’s ecosystem. 

Last but not least visitors for Liwonde safari can also experience a walking safari in the bush while escorted by an armed ranger. The walking safari requires special permit from the park authority  due to that an extra fee of 55 fee will be applied. 

Common animals in Liwonde National Park

The common animals that can be observed during a 3 days safari in Liwonde national  include elephants, zebra, buffalo, lion, a variety of antelopes and varied bird species. If lucky you may also spot the black rhinos. In the afternoon you can either embark on a walking safari or another game drive.

Where to Stay during Safari in Liwonde National

Liwonde safari offers a range of accommodation for visitors to stay during the visit. However for this tour you will stay in Kutchire Lodge which is a mid-range accommodation located inside the park. This lodge a comfortable accommodation in its spacious rooms overlooking. Free Wi-Fi, swimming pool and the bar which serve a variety of drinks are just some of the amenities of the lodge. 

Liwonde Safari Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival and Immersion in Nature

Your Liwonde Safari adventure begins by transferring from Lilongwe Or Blantyre to Liwonde National Park the journey of about 2 or 3 hours through the rolling hills. As you arrive at the park you’ll be greeted by the warm smiles of the locals and the park’s staff. After settling into your accommodation, which ranges from luxury lodges to rustic campsites, you’ll have a chance to freshen up and prepare for your first encounter with the park’s wildlife.


An Afternoon Boat Safari Malawi

One of the highlights of Liwonde safari is the Shire River, which meanders through the park and is a life-source for the ecosystem. A boat safari is an excellent introduction to the park’s beauty and biodiversity. As you glide along the water, keep your cameras at the ready for hippos, crocodiles, and a plethora of bird species such as fish eagles and kingfishers. As the sun begins to set, the sky turns into a canvas of rich oranges and purples, offering a stunning backdrop for your first evening in the wild.

Back at the lodge or campsite, you’ll enjoy a dinner of local and international dishes while sharing stories with fellow travelers. The night comes alive with the sounds of the African bush – a reminder that you are in the heart of wilderness. Drift off to sleep in your tent or lodge room, surrounded by the tranquility of nature.

Day 2: Liwonde Safari - Thrill of the Game Drive

Wake up before dawn for an early morning game drive, arguably the best time to witness the park’s residents as they start their day. The cool morning air offers a respite from the heat to come, and the soft light provides a magical quality to the landscape. Your experienced Liwonde safari guide will navigate the network of paths as you search for elephants, buffaloes, and perhaps even a rare sighting of the elusive leopard.


Afternoon Game drive

The midday heat calls for some relaxation back at your accommodation. Take this time to enjoy the amenities, write in your journal, or simply nap. As the day cools, you’ll have another chance to venture out for the afternoon game drive. Later in the evening drive back to the lodge for delicious meal and overnight

Day 3: Conservation and Farewell

Bush Breakfast and Walking Safari

On your final day of Liwonde safari you will embark on a walking safari escorted by an armed ranger for safety. After a few hours of exploration, you’ll stop for a bush breakfast amidst the acacias and baobabs. The walking safari in Liwonde national park provides you an opportunity to connect with the environment on a more intimate level. Learn about the smaller flora and fauna as well as tracking techniques used to find animals. The ranger will also take you through the black rhinos tracking excursion and get an opportunity to learn about the anti-poaching measures and success stories of the rhino reintroduction.

After spending hours of walking safari in the bush you will then return to the lodge for hot lunch and after lunch, departs Liwonde national park back to Lilongwe or Blantyre.

3 Day Liwonde Safari Price

Solo Traveler: US $ 660 

2 People: US $ 510 per person

3 – 4 People: US $ 450 per person

5 + people: US $ 430 per person

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Liwonde  Safari Includes

Return Transfer from Lilongwe to Liwonde
Park entrance fee
Game drives, boat safari and walking safari
Full board accommodation in Liwonde
Service of the professional guide
Rangers fees

Liwonde  Safari Excludes

International Flight
Pre & Post accommodation in Lilongwe
Night game drive (Extra charges applied)
Any expenses of the personal nature
Drinks and beverages
Flying Doctor services