Katavi National Park Tanzania

Katavi National Park is one of the unspoiled wilderness area in Tanzania located in the South western park along the western branch of the Great Rift Valley. This covers an area of about 4471 square kilometers and known for having the largest population of wildlife next to Serengeti and Ruaha national park. The largest part of Katavi lies inside the Rukwa Rift Basin which is the Central African Rift System. The Rukwa basin extends 360 km long and 40 to 60 km wide and it is a parallel arm of the Tanganyika Rift Valley.

The main features of Katavi National Park are the Rift valley floor and the escarpments. The valley floor consists of flat to slightly undulated wooded terrain which is split by vast floodplains, seasonal lakes, rivers and shallow drainage lines which acts as habitats for various species of birds and mammals. The altitude of the areas ranges from 820 m to 960 m. The escarpments of Katavi National Park are the Lyamba Lya Mfipa to western shoulder and Mlele to eastern.

History of Katavi National Park

Katavi National park was established in 1911 during the German colonial rule and later in 1932 when it is under the British rule it was named Rukwa game reserve. In 1997 it was declared a national park with the area of 2,200 square kilometer and in 1997 it was extended to a larger of 4471 square kilometers and it was officially named Katavi National Park in 1998.

Tourist Attraction in Katavi National Park

This park has a range of tourist attraction due to its stunning landscapes which result to bio diversity. Among the tourist attractions are:

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4 Days Katavi Camping Safari

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Katavi National Park


The park boasts the world largest population of Buffaloes and hippos which are found along the Katuma River. Other common animals which found in Katavi national park lions, elephants, leopards, wild dogs, hippos, zebra, wildebeest, giraffes, cheetah, hyenas and crocodiles. Katavi is home to over 450 bird species which makes it to be among the best bird watching destination. Among the common species of birds in Katavi are herons, plovers, spoonbills, African openbills and groups of stork including yellow-billed and saddle-billed stork. Raptors are well represented, with the fish eagle, bateleur and white-backed vulture being very common.

Katavi Plains

The Katavi plains are the habitat of spectacular number of game animals which can be spotted on game drive in the dry season. During this season of the year wildlife tends to congregate in large herds near the only available sources of water such as water pools and rivers such as Katuma, Chada and Katuma. A part from game viewing the Katavi national park plains are the best spot for bird watching.

Katuma River Katavi

Tourist Activities in Katavi National Park

Guided game drives: Wilds of Africa offer a guided game drives Katsunga and Chada Plains as along the Katuma River, Lake Katavi and Chada especially during the dry season. These places offer an outstanding wildlife viewing experience. Your professional guide will help you spot a variety of game animals, birds and identify different species of plants.

Guided nature walks: The guided nature walk is the best way to explore the park on foot. Accompanied by a professional and armed ranger visitors will trek the Chorongwa tral which covers the ditance of about 17 kilometers and takes about 5 hours of walking. While on the walking you will enjoy a stunning view of Lukima, Choringwa and Ndibo waterfals.

For visitors who prefer a short walk they can trek along the Stalike hiking trail which takes about 3 hours and it covers the distance of about 9 kilometers

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