Mikumi National Park in Southern Tanzania safari Circuit

Mikumi National ParkMikumi National Park is located in the southern Tanzania tourist circuit. This Park is the home to several African plain such as mammals, reptiles and birds. Visitors can access Mikumi National Park by both roads and air from different parts of the country.  Visitor can observe different species of wildlife in mkata flood plains and chamngore in Mikumi.


Mikumi National Park Topography

Mikumi National Park covers the area of about 75000 square kilometers which is equivalent to 47000 sq miles. The topography of the Mikumi National park features an open grass land and the miombo woodland. The grass land dominates the flood plain and the miombo woodland covering the lower hills. The woodland is the favorite haunt of the lion, since the perch high in the trees to avoid the sticky black mud of the wet season. Observation towers above the treeline allow lions to avoid the formidable herds of buffalo and spotting their preys.

Elephants in Mikumi have small body sizes than other elephants from entire Tanzanian parks. Mikum is also boasts over 300 species of birds life. Most of the birds migrates from Europe each year.

Best Time to Visit Mikumi
Visitors can access Mikumi National Park  throughout the year although but the best time is  the dry season. The dry season starts in June and ends up in October. During this season animals congregate near water holes and the vegetation cover is also at its thinnest.

 How To Reach Mikumi Mikumi NP
Mikui National Park is located about 250 km from Dar es Salaam the journey of about 4 – 5 hours drive. The paved road which cross the park and make its accessibility possible.

Hotels and Accommodations
There is a broad choice of hotels and accommodation in Mikumi. Some of the hotels are within the park while others are in the nearby town of Mikumi


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