Tanzania Self Drive Tours

Tanzania Self drive tours are the best ways to explore the beauty of African wilderness, landscapes and the people on your own. Drive through various parks in northern Tanzania from the tiny Arusha National Park to the vast Serengeti plains is a typical adventure. Our team of Safari experts will help you build up your driving route depends on what you desire to see. Let us help you to enjoy your privacy while at the same time exploring the safari.

If it is your first time on self drive tours in Africa, Tanzania is the perfect place to start with since it has all the features that make up a truly great and the best safari destination in the continent. Stunning landscapes, extraordinary wildlife and fantastic accommodation will add values to your trip. Tanzania game reserves with no doubt are the leading in the continent and suitable for self drive tours. Drive through the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, Lake Manyara and Tarangire National Park will leave you with an unforgettable life time memory. Be the first one to spot the wildebeest Migration and the big five without a driver guide.

All the self drive tours routes through northern Tanzania start up and end up in Arusha. This can be the perfect place to relax and organize your equipment either at the beginning or end of your journey.


Is it safe to rent a car in Tanzania?

It is quite safe to rent a car for self drive tour in Tanzania. Many tourists have rented out cars in the country and have not encountered any problem. Our advice for you is to find a reliable car rental company like ours which will provide you with the vehicle which is in a good condition comfortable for you to drive on your own.

Is Self drive safe in Tanzania?

Self drive tours are perfectly safe as long as you follow the basic rules as provided to you by the park authority. In addition to that you have to bear in mind that you are in the wildlife environment and your common sense is required while driving by adhering the following:

  • Never drive closer than 20 meters (that’s 65 feet) to larger mammals such as elephants and buffalo.
  • Never make noises or sound the horn at animals to get them to puncture their heads up for a better photo.
  • Be careful when approaching animals with young or solitary male elephants or buffaloes.
  • Drive far from a stressed or injured animal.
  • Do not carry banana or citrus fruits in your vehicle in wildlife area since elephants have a very keen sense of smell.
Game Viewing Activity

Permits For Self Drive Tours in Tanzania?

The permits to Tanzanian national parks and the self drive tours can just be paid at the park entrance gate by credit card (Visa or Master card). However if you prefer Wilds of Africa to do it for you we can help. We will go through your itinerary and calculate the amount required for the park fees and inform you so that you transfer the money to us. During the self drive tour we will provide you with the reservation number for each specific park you are visiting so that you may use at the entrance gate.

The payment for the Ngorongoro Conservation Area is a bit different from other parks which are under the Tanzania national park authority (TANAPA). You are supposed to obtain an entrance quote to be able to pay by your credit card at the gate. Wilds of Africa can arrange this on your behalf as well and handle you quote upon the arrival. If you prefer doing everything on your own the NCA office is based in Arusha and Karatu and open from Monday – Friday. You have to go there in person, it’s not possible to obtain online.

 Tanzania Self Drive Tour Destinations

We currently offers the Self Drive Tours services in the northern Tanzania Tourist Circuit. The parks involved in our program includes Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, Tarangire, Arusha and Lake Manyara National Parks. However there are other places in northern Tanzania safari circuit which can be visited during the self drive tour such Lake Eyasi, Natron and Oldoinyo Lengai.

All you need during the self drive are the maps of all destinations you are going to visit. The maps will help you explore easily the areas. For Serengeti national park which is vast and probably the most renowned park in the world you may require a guide at the park headquarters to assist you whenever you feel like to do so.

Northern Tourist Circuit

Best Time To Visit Tanzania

The best time to visit Tanzania for self drive tours is during the dry season which last throughout May, June, July, August, September and October. In these months the road conditions are much better and the animal sightseeing is better due to lack of shrubs.

Why Book a Self Drive Tour With Us?

Self Drive Safaris Vehicle
  • Our Vehicle are always serviced before the departures
  • All the vehicles are covered with Comprehensive insurance
  • Rescue is available in case of brake down
  • Vehicle can be delivered anywhere within northern Safari Circuit Tanzania
  • A long time experience in Self drive tour Rental in Tanzania
  • Our team has sufficient knowledge and experience about all the safari destinations attractions of the country
  • We offer the best and highest quality self drive safari tour services in the region.

How To Book your Self Drive Tour

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Available Self Drive Tours

Below are the readymade programs for self drive safari which you can choose from. However we wouldlike you tell us of the specific requirements for your trip and we will customize it to meet your requirements.

Self drive Tanzania

10 days Self Drive Holiday in Tanzania

Self Drive Serengeti

11 Days Self Drive Tour Tarangire, Serengeti & Ngorongoro

Game Drive Tanzania

6 Days Self Drive Safari in Serengeti and Ngorongoro

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