Tanzania Camping Safaris

Tanzania camping safaris is the best way to get close to nature as possible and experience the uniqueness of the African wilderness. Travelling on rough terrains passing across the tiny and scattered Maasai settlements and see the beautiful landscapes is an awesome experience. While in the parks on this camping safari you will enjoy a long day of an excitement game drives and as you return to your campsite another adventure begins. It may be gazelles making their way to a favorite watering hole or curious baboons wanting to inspect your tent while all around you the sky is emblazoned with the brilliant colors that make East African sunsets famous. As you sit around the campfire in the Tanzania camping safari you can witness the heavens come alive with millions of stars that seem so close; you could almost pluck them from the skies.  You can also hear the lion roaring from a distance, laughing hyena in the jungle and as you drift off to sleep, you will experience a natural breeze and listen to the unique sound of insects. In the morning you will be awaken by the beautiful bird songs preparing you for another day in the jungle.

Such scenarios and others are what Tanzania camping safaris are all about, so it is perfect choice for adventurous nature lovers.

Luxury Camping  Safari

Tanzania Camping Safaris

This is all about staying in roomy and comfortable tents with amenities like in five star lodges.  All the tents have veranda in front and a bathroom with hot-water shower, washbasin and toilet directly behind the tent. In addition to that there are bedside table, gas or solar lamps, chairs and a wardrobe for your clothing. A deep freeze will supply your drinks with ice and keep specialty food items fresh during your luxury Tanzania camping safari. Laundry is done daily.  A feather pillows, soft towels, gin and tonic and four course gourmet meals in a candlelit dining tent are also available. A large staff will ensure that your meals are gourmet and all your needs in camp are met. Luxury camps are often situated so that you can enjoy the same area for several days.

Budget Camping Safari

Budget Camping Safaris

Wilds of Africa offer budget camping safari packages to the most renowned Tanzania wildlife areas. In addition to that this tour can also take you to the local community in the various remote areas where you will experience the Tanzania local culture.

Budget camping safari is ideal for adventure travelers who enjoy get closer to nature than in Luxury camping and lodge safari. During this safari you will stay in public campsites which located inside park or private campsite located a short distance outside the parks. The campsites inside the park are not fenced and you may not wonder to see animals wander around the ground and monkeys jump on the tents.


Best time to go for Safaris in Tanzania

You can go for Tanzania Camping safaris any time of the year except during the heavy rain season in April to May. During these months most part of the country experience heavy rainfall which sometimes cause floods to the some camping grounds. The remaining months of the year from Janaury to March and June to December are the best time to Visit Tanzania and particularly for camping safaris.

Is Camping Safe in Tanzania?

Camping safari is safe in all national parks in Tanzania. All campsite inside the parks are set in the location which doesn’t interfere the animal routes. However during the night within the campsite surroundings are guarded by an armed ranger at night.

Where Can I Camp In Tanzania?

You can go for camping safari in all national parks and game reserves in Tanzania. In each national park there is well prepared camping ground where you can perch your tents and spend a night if you are in a budget camping safari. However if you are in luxury camping safari there are several permanent and semi-permanent camps in all parks. In addition to that there are also private campsite outside the parks which are private owned which you can camp and pay a significant small camping fee. What you are required to do is to book in advance for the space and receive a confirmation about the availability of space you can then come for the tour

Featured Camping Safaris

Budget Camping Safari

3 Days Tanzania Budget Camping Safari

A budget camping safari to Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro Crater and Tarangire National Park in northern Tanzania.

These parks offer a remarkable game viewing experience and it is suitable for travelers with limited time and budget.


Luxury Safari Tanzania

4 Days Tanzania Camping Safari

A 4 days camping safari to the Serengeti and Ngorongoro crater for a spectacular game viewing experience.

After spending a long day conducting game drive in the savannah plains at night you will stay in inside the tent and enjoy another adventure.

Budget Safari Tanzania

5 Days Affordable Tanzania Camping Safari

Visit the four most famous parks in northern Tanzania with amazing landscapes and home to thousands of wild animals.

This camping safari gives you the chance to see a variety of African plain animals, birds, reptiles  and far most the great migration.

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