Tanzania Camping Safaris

Tanzania camping safaris is the best way to get close to nature as possible and experience the uniqueness of the African wilderness. Travelling on rough terrains passing across the tiny and scattered Maasai settlements and see the beautiful landscapes is an awesome experience. While in the parks on this camping safari you will enjoy a long day of an excitement game drives and as you return to your campsite another adventure begins. It may be gazelles making their way to a favorite watering hole or curious baboons wanting to inspect your tent while all around you the sky is emblazoned with the brilliant colors that make East African sunsets famous. As you sit around the campfire in the Tanzania camping safari you can witness the heavens come alive with millions of stars that seem so close; you could almost pluck them from the skies.  You can also hear the lion roaring from a distance, laughing hyena in the jungle and as you drift off to sleep, you will experience a natural breeze and listen to the unique sound of insects. In the morning you will be awaken by the beautiful bird songs preparing you for another day in the jungle.

Such scenarios and others are what Tanzania camping safaris are all about, so it is perfect choice for adventurous nature lovers.

Where Can I Camp In Tanzania?

You can go camping in all national parks and game reserves in Tanzania. In each national park there are public campsites with well prepared camping ground where you can perch your tents and spend a night if you are in a budget camping safari. However if you are in luxury camping safari there are several permanent and semi-permanent camps in all parks. In addition to that there are also private campsite outside the parks which are private owned which you can camp and pay a significant small camping fee. What you are required to do is to book in advance for the space and receive a confirmation about the availability of space you can then come for the tour

Is Camping Safe in Tanzania?

Camping safari is safe in all national parks in Tanzania. All campsite inside the parks are set in the location which doesn’t interfere the animal routes and at night there is an armed ranger who is safe guiding the camping surroundings. But since the campsites are not fenced animas tends to wander freely around the areas so you are advised not make un necessary movements without consulting your guide because might encounter the animals. For private camps and campsite located outside the parks are fenced but you should carry your headlight since there might be some reptiles.

Luxury Camping  Safari

Tanzania Camping Safaris

This is all about staying in roomy and comfortable tents with amenities like in five star lodges.  All the tents have veranda in front and a bathroom with hot-water shower, washbasin and toilet directly behind the tent. In addition to that there are bedside table, gas or solar lamps, chairs and a wardrobe for your clothing. A deep freeze will supply your drinks with ice and keep specialty food items fresh during your luxury Tanzania camping safari. Laundry is done daily.  A feather pillows, soft towels, gin and tonic and four course gourmet meals in a candlelit dining tent are also available. A large staff will ensure that your meals are gourmet and all your needs in camp are met. Luxury camps are often situated so that you can enjoy the same area for several days.

Standard Camping 

Standard Camping Safari

Standard camp is a stylish camping safari where accommodation is provided in spacious tents with toilets facilities set in the far end of the tent and it include a hot bucket shower and chemical toilet. The tents have also twin beds, mattresses blankets, bed sheets & pillows and two bedsides tables. Each accommodation tent has a hand washbasin, and a verandah with two safari chairs and a safari table allowing you to relax with a book, or just enjoy the different smells, sights and sounds around you.

Budget Camping Safari

Our Tanzania Budget Camping safaris will take you to the un-spoilt national parks and game reserves where you will experience an amazing game viewing. During these adventure tours you will travel on rough terrains, passing through rural areas where you will get an opportunity to see the locals and see the stunning landscapes.

The Tanzania budget camping safaris take you closer to the nature than any other safari style can do. Spend the night under a piece of clothes, listening to the sound of the nocturnal and the roaring lions. In the morning you will sip the African coffee prepared by your private chef and departs into the bush for the morning game drive to witness the game of chasing and killing pursued by predators.

If you choose the Tanzania budget camping safaris with Wilds of Africa you are guaranteed with an unforgettable wildlife experience and the best services offered by our staff. During the trip you will spend a night in private tents perched in public campsite located inside or outside the parks. The tents we use for Tanzania budget safaris (camping safaris) do not have toilets instead you will use a shared toilet facilities found in the campsite. It is advised to consult your guide before making any movements around the campsite and to nearby area especially for the campsite which located within the parks. This is because the areas are not fenced and animals tend to wander around.

While on Tanzania budget camping safaris trip you will be together with your private cook who will be responsible in preparing the meals and taking care of your properties while you are away on game drive. Our cooks are skilled with a long time experience which enables them to prepare a wide range of delicious cuisines for you. Assisted by the driver guide the cook will set up the tents when arriving at the campsite.

What to expect on Tanzania budget camping safaris?

While on our Tanzania budget camping safaris you will stay in public campsites inside the parks or on private campsites on the outskirts. The campsites in the parks are not fenced and it is often to find animals like lions, elephants and many others wandering between the tents. You be a bit careful when getting out of the tents to the toilet and even at the toilet you have to make a little inspection before carry on with the business.

During the Tanzania budget camping safaris you will be traveling with your private safari cook and all the camping gears in the vehicle.  The cook will prepare all meals and taking care of the camp and your property while you are away for game drives. The meals will include eggs and sausages, coffee and bread, snacks for breakfast while in the evenings you will enjoy stews and salads. A delicious 3 –course meals will also be prepared for you.

The accommodation during our Tanzania budget camping safaris is offered in waterproof 2-person-tents (2.5m x 2.5m and 1.8m high) with built-in mosquito nets at the entrances and windows. Comfortable 5 cm thick sleeping mattresses are provided, as well as robust camping furniture such as tables, safari chairs, functional cutlery and crockery. Our camping equipment is of superior quality, regularly inspected and serviced.

The camp and food will be set up and prepared for you, so that you can just relax and enjoy your holiday.

Tanzania Budget Camping Safaris Price

The cost for our Tanzania budget camping safaris are competitive and extremely low compared to other safari style. However the prices are slightly vary within the same category  for a private budget camping safari and group joining camping safari.

The cost for private budget camping safaris range from $ 1821 to 2300 US $ depending on the route and the duration of the trip while for group joining camping safaris the price is fixed and lower. The price for a group joining camping safari is US $ 200 per day per person multiplied by the number of days of the tour. For example for a 3 days trip the cost will be 600 US $ per person. Since the duration for the entire group joining budget camping safaris range from 2 days to the maximum of 5 days its means that the price for a single trip ranges from 200 US $ to 1000 US $.

Let us know your preferences for the Tanzania budget camping safaris and we will promptly get back to you with the program which suites your needs.

Best time to go for Safaris in Tanzania

The best time for Camping Safaris in Tanzania is during the dry season which is from June to December. During this months game viewing is excellent because grasses are shot which allow a clear sightseeing. In some parks herds of animals graze along the river  banks and waterholes where there is remaining green grass and water. Predators such as lions and hyenas also follow the herds to these areas. Game drives during this time is very easy as all animals can be spotted within a small area.

From January to March which is the short rainy season, you can still go for camping safari although you should expect to slip along the road in some areas. The situation become difficult during the heavy rainy seasons which is April and May. In this months grasses are tall and they block the sights which makes impossible to spot animals. Some areas of the parks are completely inaccessible due to bad road conditions which cause camps and lodges to be closed till dry season.

Pack list for Camping Safari

In order to be comfortable and enjoy your Tanzania safari good preparation is required. Due to that we have prepared a packing list below which you can use it as your guideline. If it happen that you forget to pack some of the things don’t worry as you get it in local downtown stores before departing for safari.


Since animals are sensitive to bright color and during the camping safari you will be close to them, we recommend you bring neutral colors such as khaki and others.  Below are the types of clothes.

  • Sweater or fleece pullover to keep warm
  • Sturdy boots or sandals
  • Sun hat
  • Sun glasses
  • T-shirts or polo shirts (2-5 depending on how often you want to change)
  •  Long sleeve shirts (light weight)
  •  Shorts
  •  Long trousers
  •  Underwear
  •  Socks
  •  Sleepwear
  •  Travel towel
  •  Thermal underwear, gloves and warm hat (during May – Sept)
  •  Rain coat and rain trousers (During rainy season Mar – May and Oct – Dec)

We also highly recommend that you bring the following

  • Camera and memory cards
  • Binoculars
  • Sunscreen
  • Hand sanitizer and wet wipes
  • Insect Repellent
  • Personal toiletries (soap, shampoo, toothbrush, eye drops etc)
  • Malaria tablets
  • Basic first aid kit and prescription medicines
  • Flashlight or headlamp
  • Chargers and extra batteries for your camera, phone etc
  • Power adapter to fit the UK style electrical socket

Camping Safari Packages

Budget Camping Safari

2 Days Camping Safari in Tarangire & Ngorongoro Crater

From: US $ 400 per person

Ngorongoro Crater Safari

3 Days Camping Safari in Tarangire, Ngorongoro & Lake Manyara

From : US $ 650 per person

Budget Safari Tanzania

4 Days Camping in Tarangire, Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater

From: US $ 800 per person

Standard Camping Safari

5 Days Standard Camping in Tarangire, Serengeti, Ngorongoro & L. Manyara

From: US $ 1990 per person

Group Tour Tanzania

5 Days Group Tour Tarangire, Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater

From : US $ 1000 per person

Camping Safari Tanzania

6 Days Safari in Tarangire, Lake Natron, Serengeti & Ngorongoro Crater

From: US $ 800 per person

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