Climbing Mount Meru in Tanzania

Climbing Mount Meru which is a dormant volcano mountain located in Northern Tanzania safari circuit and rise up 4566meters above the sky is a thrilling experience. This conical shaped volcano is located within Arusha National park a distance of about 50 km from Arusha town and 70 km west of Mount Kilimanjaro.  Although Climbing mount Meru is more challenging than its counterpart Kilimanjaro but the scenery and its solitude environment are quite amazing. For that reason a variety of animals can been seen during the climb.

The fertile slopes of Mount Meru hold up a forest which hosts diverse wildlife such as primates and leopards. In addition to that there are variety of large mammals mostly grazers and browsers and about 400 bird species in the surrounding savannah.

At the beginning of climb the slope is gentle but as you ascend higher the slope become steeper in some points. The route crosses several streams which flow down to the lowlands. A range of climates will be encountered during the climb from grass lands, tropical rainforest alpine meadows, moorlands and desert upland to snow and ice.  Heading to the summit there is a narrow barren ridge with striking views of the Ash cone lying several hundred feet below in the crater.


Climbing Mount Meru fitness and experience

The Mount Meru Climb engages some long days of walking through gentle slopes and over rough trail. This climb involve some long days of trekking on moderate slopes over rough paths. In order to enjoy the climb and successful reach the summit personal fitness and good health is required.

The exercise for climbing mount meru should include general cardiovascular fitness and leg, core and back strength. You are also advice to exercise walking for 5 hours in a day and more on a rough terrain with a light luggage like rucksack. If in position you may also swim, cycling, running for not less than minutes.

Climbing Mount Meru

Mount Meru Crater

Mount Meru Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Mount Meru Located?

Mount Meru is located at latitude 3.250S and Longitude 36.750E within Arusha National Park about 50 kilometers from Arusha town the tourist hub of Tanzania.


How high is Mount Meru in Tanzania?

The conical volcano of Mount Meru is the second highest mountain in Tanzania and the fourth in Africa with the height of 4,565 m (14977 ft) above sea level.


Is Mount Meru an active Volcano?

From geological data Mount Meru isn’t an active volcano instead it is a dormant stratovolcano which experienced it last eruption in 1910.


How do I get to Mount Meru?

Travelers from around the world can get to Mount meru by flying to Kilimanjaro International Airport then transfer to Arusha and to this beautiful mountain by road.


How hard is it to climb Mount Meru?

The highest point on the trek: Mount Meru peak is 4,566 meters above sea-level. Difficulty: It’s moderately hard for an average hiker but spread out over four days it is well within most people’s reach. The altitude is just low enough not to trouble most hikers.


How long does it take to Climb Mount Meru?

4 days is enough to climb mount Meru for the entire trip.


Are there two Mount Meru?

There are two Mount Meru peaks, the main Mount Meru summit and the Little Meru. When climbing mount Meru you can trek from Saddle Hut to little Meru and back to the hut. When complete the climb you will be offered two certificates for both peaks.


Does it snow on Mount Meru?

Snow on Mount Meru occurs during winter mainly June – July and sometimes after a heavy rain which last for just few hours.

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